Great website toolsA domain name is one of the most important website tools and will be your websites name where people will go on the internet to find your website. Every domain name is unique and no two websites can have the same domain name, including extensions such as .com, net, .org etc. Your domain is your identity on the web. Before you can use a domain it has to be available and registered. It’s very easy now days to find out if a specific domain is available by going to websites like Godaddy, NameCheap, 1 & 1 and simply type in your desired domain name to see if it’s available.

Some hosting companies like will give you a free domain for 1 year when you purchase one of their great quality and very affordable hosting packages. However, most of the good .com domains are already taken but you can acquire domains through domain brokers, auctions and other websites that sell domains from individual domain owners. It’s always worth a try first to see if your desired domain is available before buying a premium domain as it will cost you a much higher price.

How To Pick A Domain

Depending on your websites theme and content, try to pick a domain that’s relevant to what your website is about. For example, if your blogging or selling products on horses and farms equipment, you wouldn’t want a domain called, or dot anything else. You would want a domain that’s related to horses and farm equipment. Below are some other common sense tips and information on how to go about choosing and deciding on a domain name.

Easy To Type

It’s critical to choose a domain name that’s easy to type to be successful. Avoid using slang or double meaning words (that mean two different things) and multiple spelling words. Customers will have a much harder time in finding you.

Keep Your Domain Short

In this case, shorter is better. Having a shorter domain name that’s easy to type goes along ways on the internet. You avoid the risk of future readers of your blog or buyers of your services and products not being able to find you. Simple and short is the way to go.

Use Keywords

Pick a domain with keywords in it. Keywords are words that describe what your website is about. Back to the horses and farm equipment example. If you sell farm or horse equipment, you might want to pick or When people search for farm or horse equipment on Google, your website will be easier to find by having keywords in your domain name and also help improve your search engine rank which means more traffic to your website.

Target Your Area

If you have a local small business or a service that you provide, it’s always a good idea to choose a domain that includes your town, city or state name. Using the farm and horse equipment example again, if you sold farm equipment in Dallas, would be a great domain for example.

Stay Away From Numbers and Hyphens

Hypens and numbers are just simply too confusing and misunderstood. Potential customers and readers often misspell domains with numbers in the domain and it’s hard to type and remember.

Be Clever and Memorable

Having a clever, catchy or memorable domain can be great for your website. Also it makes it easier to brand and become popular which is all what we strive for.

Research It

Do a little research, obviously don’t pick a domain that has a trademark, copyrighted or being used by another person or company. For example, you wouldn’t want to pick the domain Ebay will more than likely shut you down and sue you. So do a little research to avoid any legal problems.

Protect Your Brand

Once you’ve decided on a good domain, it’s a good idea to protect your brand name. If you decide on a .com name, you might want to purchase the .net and .org as well. This keeps others from building a similar site and taking your customers and traffic. Or even purchase domains that are slightly misspelled, even misspelled domains will direct customers and readers to your website.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service provider that allows your website to exist on the internet. Look at it like it’s your home where your domain and website lives. Where people can type in your domain name in the internet browser and your website and web pages appear. In order to have a hosting account with a hosting provider, you will first need a domain. You may already have a domain you’ve been sitting on and not using or you can buy a new domain when you purchase a hosting package. We highly recommend for all your hosting needs. BlueHost offers high quality, top rated hosting and outstanding an fast customer service at a great low price. Right now BlueHost is offering a free domain for one year when you purchase one of their high quality discounted packages.

Types Of Hosting

There’s a hand full of different types of web hosting services that’s available to host your domain and your website. You have Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. For most people or about 90% of people, Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting will work just fine and do everything you need when you’re just starting out. As your site grows and your business expands or when your blog gets very popular with many more readers, you will then need to think about possibly a VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting account. Again, we highly recommend BlueHost for all these different kind of hosting options.

The Right Web Hosting

BlueHost provides excellent hosting, great customer service and offers many additional features. We also use WordPress and highly recommend the WordPress platform for building your website. WordPress is Google friendly,  user friendly and nearly 30% of all websites on the internet are WordPress websites. BlueHost also offers a special WP Hosting Package built just for WordPress websites. So whatever platform you’re using, BlueHost has the right service to fit your needs and your budget.