Picking A Domain For Your Website

When choosing a domain name for your website it’s important to pick a domain name that’s related to what your website is about. You also want to select a domain name that contains the actual key words if possible. e.g. If you have a website about sports talk radio, than you would want to pick a domain name with the words sports talk radio, talk sports radio, radio talk sports or radio sports talk etc. Containing important keywords in your domain name is crucial when it comes to SEO and search engine ranking in Google and other search engines.

Choosing The Best Domain Extension

When choosing an extension for your domain name you should always choose .com This is by far the most popular domain extension on the web. Now if your website is an organization than you would want to pick org, If it’s an educational institution than pick edu If your website it a networking site than net. But in most cases when it comes to a personal or business website always go with .com

Try to keep your domain as short and memorable as possible. I know now days most short memorable domains are already taken. But get creative and see if they actually are already taken, don’t assume that they are. Also try to be clever, a short clever memorable domain name is a great find. I would suggest going to a site like Godaddy or NameCheap or any other domain registar and just brainstorm in their domain lookup to see whats available. You never know until you actually put the domain name in the search bar. Sometimes you can come across a very good premium domain that for whatever reason has been dropped and is available.There is also domain auctions you can join where you can bid on premium domains at a reasonable price.