Web Hosting That Fits Your Needs

Finding the right web hosting that best fits your needs can be an overwhelming and time consuming task. With so many web hosts claiming to be the best it’s often difficult to cut through the sales pitch. When seeking a new web host there’s always a few basic things you need to establish upfront. Quality, reliability and affordability. Does the hosting provider have a good track record of offering great service? Theres many different packages for many different needs. There is shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. For someone who is just starting out with a blog than shared hosting will suffice. Those who have a growing online business might require a VPS plan. Than a large website that gets a lot of traffic llike an e-commerce online website might require a dedicated server. However with the right host shared hosting and managed VPS hosting usually does the trick

Quality and Available Customer Support

Does the web host have 24/7 customer service and web support? Whether it be live via chat or email ticket system support. Preferably phone support or all three customer support options is ideal. Last thing you need is to find you website is down with no way to immediately address the situation. Other features you want in a web hosting provider is:

  • do they offer unlimited websites
  • do they offer unlimited bandwidth or SSD storage space
  • custom WP themes
  • free one year domain upon signup of new package
  • free SSL certificate for one year
  • free CDN included
  • one click instalations
  • cPanel admin
  • 24/7 customer support

Other aspects to consider is what is the servers uptime? Most claim a 99% uptime but not always the case. Where are the servers located? It’s ideal to have the servers as closest to your location as possible. In conclusion all web hosts are not created equal and it’s imperative that due diligence is applied.