Anyone Can Build A WordPress Website

Remember the days of old at the birth of the digital age if you wanted your own website? You’d have to payout a lot of money by hiring a computer programmer? WordPress along with many other great website tools have put those days behind us. WordPress has made it where virtually anyone can build their own website using the free software. WordPress was originally a platform catered for bloggers and writers but has since been revolutionized into a software that can be used for any type of website. Whether it be a bloggers website, a business website, a corporate website or an e-commerce website, WordPress can deliver on any website need.

WordPress 101

WordPress is a free open source software that’s available when you purchase a hosting package. Many hosts like  have options where you can easily download the software with one click installs and be up and running in no time at all. Some may find a slight learning curve when it comes to the the more advanced features when dealing with widgets and plugins but generally speaking it’s very straight forward. There’s a reason why nearly 27% of all websites on the internet today are WordPress websites. Some of those reason are not only how user friendly it is but how Google SEO friendly it is as well. Google is the gold standard when it comes to search engines, rankings and WordPress and Google seem to be the perfect fit.

Website Tools & Design

WordPress also has thousands of free plugins you can download so that you can use to optimized and monetize your website. You also have the option of purchasing a beautiful WordPress premium theme that comes with some great features that will enhance your websites appearance, functionality and attract new customers. The skies really the limit on building a great website for yourself simply by following easy follow along instructions. The only thing left to do is purchase a domain and a web hosting plan.